Happy Birthday Mum

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I don’t quite know what it is about Mums but for some reason they are always right. Sometimes it can be frustrating but mostly it’s extremely helpful. My Mum is no exception, I feel so blessed to not only know her as a person but to have her as my Mum to support and guide me and to be there as a friend as well as a role model. I feel she has bought my sister, brother and I up in such a great way (along with my Dad). They made sure we always remember our please’s and thank you’s , always treat people how we would want to be treated ourselves and most of all to enjoy life to it’s full. That’s exactly what we have done over the passed few days.

My Mum and I travelled up to Coventry this weekend just gone to watch our ice hockey team play in the semi finals and the finals of the playoffs. The playoff weekend always falls around my Mums birthday so we always travel up as it’s such a fun weekend with some great hockey.

After being inside all weekend we thought we could do with a bit of fresh air so we had a trip to an RHS garden for a wander round which was very enjoyable.

Finally last night my mum got to enjoy her birthday present from me. I got her tickets to see Emeli Sande at Hammersmith. She absolutly loved it which was great to see 🙂

So all in all it’s been a pretty good past few days and my Mum and Dad are off to Barcelona to finish off the birthday / birthweek celebrations. I wish them the best time.

Here are a few photo for you to enjoy.

We went for dinner in Coventry after watching some very intense hockey games.

A lovely, if not a little chilly trip to RHS WisleyA few iPhone snaps to complete the story


  1. Sandra Ace

    Lovely post Charlotte! looks like you had a great day! Happy Birthday to your Mum. 🙂


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