Monday Montage

Anyone who has read this blog over the passed couple of months is probably aware that I am not a big fan of cold wet weather. I am so freaking excited that the weather has warmed up and I am reminded of what the sun looks like.

Cheery weather brings a cheery mood and so I have put a little montage of photos together to show what I have been up to over the passed month.

I discovered that I own way too much denim while I was trying to have a clear out of old clothes. My sisters rabbit is still living with me and she is on a diet as the vet told us she was too fat! I have discovered a new ice cream shop which is AMAZING! I have photographed two gorgeous weddings. My sister ran the london marathon (no biggie) and I got a couple of new cosy rugs for newborn photo shoots.

I’m looking forward to summer adventures and getting to meet more lovely couples and photographing lots of beautiful weddings šŸ™‚


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