Photography Farm Workshop with Lee Robbins


This time last week I went to a cute little cottage in the heart of Surrey’s countryside for a photography workshop. It’s important for me to keep growing as a photographer, keep up with this fast moving industry and keep making new friends. Photography Farm, put together by the very talented Lisa Devlin, was the perfect opportunity for me to do this. Farm week is a week of amazing workshops held by some brilliant photographers; it’s a chance to grow and change, to share your struggles and a chance to feel really positive about the future. There were so many workshops I wanted to do on farm week but in the end I decided on ‘Magic Couple Shots With Lee Robbins‘. Lee was absolutely amazing! He was so honest about everything which made learning from him so comfortable and enjoyable. We had such a friendly group and we all sat around the fire in the old cottage taking notes and learning from each other. We then brolly’d up and went out into the rain to photograph a lovely couple and we got to watch Lee in action who always looked so effortlessly cool at what he was doing. It was such a great day. I want to say a massive “thank you” to Lee for being so honest and for being such a great teacher and thank you to Lisa for all your hard work to make Photography Farm and farm week a reality!


  1. Lee Robbins

    Ahhh Charlotte,

    This is such a great blog post! Thank you for the kind words!

    Your photos are absolutely stunning! You’ve really captured the day so well and have managed to get some really great angles!!

    Damn you’re good! 😀


  2. Gail Kelly

    Amazing photos! So nice to see behind the scenes shots and yet you’ve still captured beautiful images and angles. Wonderful! 🙂

  3. helen

    The photos of Tom and I are so lovely, you’re obviously very talented. Helen (and Tom too) x

  4. Dale Weeks

    Your photos look amazing! Looks like it was a great day too, so jealous I couldn’t go!


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