Colleen & Chris ~ Garden Party beach Theme Wedding

Garden Party Wedding, Wedding

I am still speechless from this wedding I photographed in Taunton a couple of weeks ago. The amount of effort Colleen & Chris had put into making this day look and feel exactly how they had imaged was so impressive. The hand made button bouquet, the vases of flowers, the sand and deck chairs, this beach themed wedding had a definite chilled out vibe to it. I absolutely LOVE that they had live fish in tall vases as their centre pieces. I’m not sure this lovely couple could of had a more perfect day! Their friends and family were all so lovely and having the wedding at Colleen’s parents home meant that everyone was able to bring their dogs, and the family animals were all around, it was such a warm atmosphere! Thank you so much Colleen & Chris for allowing me to photograph your absolutely amazing wedding. Enjoy your photos xWedding Photographer Guildford-001Wedding Photographer Guildford-002Wedding Photographer Guildford-003Wedding Photographer Guildford-004Wedding Photographer Guildford-005Wedding Photographer Guildford-006Wedding Photographer Guildford-007Wedding Photographer Guildford-008Wedding Photographer Guildford-009Wedding Photographer Guildford-010Wedding Photographer Guildford-011Wedding Photographer Guildford-012Wedding Photographer Guildford-013Wedding Photographer Guildford-014Wedding Photographer Guildford-015Wedding Photographer Guildford-016Wedding Photographer Guildford-017Wedding Photographer Guildford-018Wedding Photographer Guildford-019Wedding Photographer Guildford-020Wedding Photographer Guildford-021Wedding Photographer Guildford-022Wedding Photographer Guildford-023Wedding Photographer Guildford-024Wedding Photographer Guildford-025Wedding Photographer Guildford-026Wedding Photographer Guildford-027Wedding Photographer Guildford-028Wedding Photographer Guildford-029Wedding Photographer Guildford-030Wedding Photographer Guildford-031Wedding Photographer Guildford-032Wedding Photographer Guildford-033Wedding Photographer Guildford-034Wedding Photographer Guildford-035Wedding Photographer Guildford-036Wedding Photographer Guildford-037Wedding Photographer Guildford-038Wedding Photographer Guildford-039Wedding Photographer Guildford-040Wedding Photographer Guildford-041Wedding Photographer Guildford-042Wedding Photographer Guildford-043Wedding Photographer Guildford-044Wedding Photographer Guildford-045Wedding Photographer Guildford-046Wedding Photographer Guildford-047Wedding Photographer Guildford-048Wedding Photographer Guildford-049Wedding Photographer Guildford-050Wedding Photographer Guildford-051Wedding Photographer Guildford-052Wedding Photographer Guildford-053Wedding Photographer Guildford-054Wedding Photographer Guildford-055Wedding Photographer Guildford-056Wedding Photographer Guildford-057Wedding Photographer Guildford-058


  1. Flo Morrison

    This is amazing! What a great selection of memories. The very fact the photographer was so invisible and you didn’t need to pose or feel nervous.

    A great job done so well.


  2. Dr Maggie Thomson

    Charlotte, You have captured the day perfectly. Thank you so very much. (Mother of the groom)

  3. Pat Sanda

    What a lovely depiction of the day. I didn’t make it but it is obvious it was a fantastic day. So happy for Chris and Colleen.


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