Lucia & Tristan’s Rivervale Barn Wedding


Check out these amazing Autumn colours!!! I was lucky enough to go back to Rivervale Barn earlier this month for the sweet Lucia and Tristan’s Wedding. I love Autum and I love this venue. In the heart of the countryside this place is stunning. Lucia and Tristan’s day was an absolute dream to photograph. Hannah Berry did  an amazing job on the flowers, they looked gorgeous. I absolutely love the card table that Lucia and Tristan had created with a typewriter for their guests to leave them messages from the day. Thank you so much for letting me document your day you two, enjoy your photos 🙂 rivervale barn wedding photographerrivervale barn wedding photographerWedding Photographer Guildford-103Wedding Photographer Guildford-104Wedding Photographer Guildford-105Wedding Photographer Guildford-106Wedding Photographer Guildford-107Wedding Photographer Guildford-108Wedding Photographer Guildford-109Wedding Photographer Guildford-110Wedding Photographer Guildford-111Wedding Photographer Guildford-112Wedding Photographer Guildford-113Wedding Photographer Guildford-114Wedding Photographer Guildford-123Wedding Photographer Guildford-124Wedding Photographer Guildford-125Wedding Photographer Guildford-126Wedding Photographer Guildford-127Wedding Photographer Guildford-128Wedding Photographer Guildford-129Wedding Photographer Guildford-130Wedding Photographer Guildford-131Wedding Photographer Guildford-132Wedding Photographer Guildford-133Wedding Photographer Guildford-135Wedding Photographer Guildford-136Wedding Photographer Guildford-137Wedding Photographer Guildford-138Wedding Photographer Guildford-139Wedding Photographer Guildford-140Wedding Photographer Guildford-141Wedding Photographer Guildford-142Wedding Photographer Guildford-143Wedding Photographer Guildford-144Wedding Photographer Guildford-145Wedding Photographer Guildford-146Wedding Photographer Guildford-147Wedding Photographer Guildford-148Wedding Photographer Guildford-149Wedding Photographer Guildford-150Wedding Photographer Guildford-151Wedding Photographer Guildford-152Wedding Photographer Guildford-153Wedding Photographer Guildford-155Wedding Photographer Guildford-156Wedding Photographer Guildford-157Wedding Photographer Guildford-158Wedding Photographer Guildford-159Wedding Photographer Guildford-160Wedding Photographer Guildford-161Wedding Photographer Guildford-162


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