Holly & Mark ~ Loseley Park Wedding


Wow wow and wow. This day!! I almost have no words. It was such a dream. Holly and Mark are two of the sweetest people I’ve ever come across and to be able to capture the most special day of their lives has been such an honour. I started the day by meeting Holly at their home to photograph all the exciting getting ready stages, Holly looked absolutely stunning all day long. I then headed off to Loseley Park which looked amazing with lots of lovely bunting which Holly and Mark had put up the day before. The ceremony was so lovely, all of their guests were so friendly, the cake looked fantastic and the speeches were brilliant. It really was an absolute dream of a day. I had the best time working alongside the very talented Aimee and Chris from Super Duper 8 films. I also had the pleasure to work with Caper & Berry for the second time this year. Their food is delicious and they take the best care of everyone. Thank you so much Mark & Holly for picking me as your photographer, enjoy your photos.
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