Claire & Johnny’s Wedding

I have to say a massive thank you to Claire and Johnny who’s wedding I photographed earlier this month. Not only did they put the biggest smile on my face for the whole of their wedding the smile was still there the whole way through editing. It’s so hard not to smile when you see a couple this happy and so in love. I’m so grateful to be able to document this kind of stuff for a living. When I first met with Claire and Johnny and they were telling me all about their wedding I could see the joy and excitement in their faces and I knew it was going to be an amazing day and it was. Thank you so so much Johnny and Claire, you are beautiful and amazing, enjoy your photos x. Wedding Photographer GuildfordWedding Photographer GuildfordWedding Photographer Guildford-003Wedding Photographer Guildford-004Wedding Photographer Guildford-005Wedding Photographer Guildford-006Wedding Photographer Guildford-007Wedding Photographer Guildford-008Wedding Photographer Guildford-009Wedding Photographer Guildford-010Wedding Photographer Guildford-011Wedding Photographer Guildford-012Wedding Photographer Guildford-013Wedding Photographer Guildford-014Wedding Photographer Guildford-015Wedding Photographer Guildford-016Wedding Photographer Guildford-017Wedding Photographer Guildford-018Wedding Photographer Guildford-019Wedding Photographer Guildford-020Wedding Photographer Guildford-021Wedding Photographer Guildford-022Wedding Photographer Guildford-023Wedding Photographer Guildford-024Wedding Photographer Guildford-025Wedding Photographer Guildford-026Wedding Photographer Guildford-027Wedding Photographer Guildford-028Wedding Photographer Guildford-029Wedding Photographer Guildford-030Wedding Photographer Guildford-031Wedding Photographer Guildford-032Wedding Photographer Guildford-033Wedding Photographer Guildford-034Wedding Photographer Guildford-035Wedding Photographer Guildford-036Wedding Photographer Guildford-037Wedding Photographer Guildford-038Wedding Photographer Guildford-039Wedding Photographer Guildford-040


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