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First of all happy valentines day!! A day of celebrating love whoop whoop!! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned recently how much I love my family. They’re pretty much the best!!! For Christmas my sister gifted us a surprise trip to Paris! Whaaaatt! I know! I’m so excited. I’ve only been to Paris once and I was pretty young. All I remember was that is was the worlds hottest day (not officially but that’s how it felt) and we were standing around for hours just looking at the Eiffel tower. We couldn’t go up because the queue was too long and it was just a passing visit on one of our many road trips we took as kids. I do remember getting an ice cream though!! So all in all a pretty good visit!

This time when we go I am really hoping that we will get to go up the Eiffel tower. I’m going to be such a tourist stopping every 5 minutes to take photos. Luckily my dad is the same (that’s who I get it from) so we can get left behind and lost together.
We have a Paris book which my sister wrapped up for us to open on Christmas day to reveal the surprise. I’m currently reading up on everything you can do there. Leave comments below if you’ve been to Paris and have any recommendations.
I can’t wait and I can’t wait to share some photos from the adventure next month!!

For now enjoy a few photos I found in one of my Mum and Dads MANY photo albums!

wedding photographer Guildford-001                                                                                                            Looking happy here in the heat haha!pariswedding photographer Guildford-003



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