A Weekend In Paris ~ Personal Post

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First of all sorry this blog has taken a while to go up. I’ve had a couple of weekends away in a row which means very busy weeks working on fun and important things rather than showing off my holiday snaps. So things have been a litte hectic here which is good as I feel like it is preparing me for a busy wedding season which is just around the corner 😀 (can’t wait eek). If any of you follow me on Instagram you will  know that I have now been to Paris and it was amazing!!! Totally shattering but amazing! There was sooo much to see and we were only there for 2 days so we were rushing here there and everywhere. Trying to follow the map to get to where we wanted to go! Attempting and failing to use the Metro (paris’s underground tube system) and simply running around the city trying to see as much cool stuff as possible. This made it pretty hard to stop to take photos as there simply wasn’t the time as it was go go go. What I did do quite a lot of, which I really enjoyed was using my new little point and shoot camera (canon s120, brilliant little thing) to take lots of videos of our time there. This was actually easier than taking photos as I could just do it on the go and I’m obviously much less of a perfectionist with filming than I am with photo taking. I used to make little home videos of family parties and holidays and loved it so much and they are so nice to have to look back on. It’s something I really want to get back into as a fun hobby. I am currently trying to find time inbetween work and everything to edit the video which is proving a little tricky at the moment. If however I do manage to get it finished ever and it’s not too embarassing I may just post it below. But for now here are a few photos I did manage to take of our time in Paris. I just want to say a huge thank you to my amazing sister who surprised us with this trip as a Christmas present. You’re the best Jem and I love you.

Paris-Travel-Photos-001Paris photographyParis-Travel-Photos-003Paris-Travel-Photos-004Paris-Travel-Photos-005Paris-Travel-Photos-006Paris-Travel-Photos-007Paris-Travel-Photos-008Paris-Travel-Photos-009Paris-Travel-Photos-010Paris-Travel-Photos-011Paris-Travel-Photos-012Me and my sister up the Eiffel TowerParis-Travel-Photos-013Paris photography


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