Monday Montage

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Monday Montage blog post and as I used to love them so much I am bringing them back. As I’ve not done one in so long I thought I’d include the fun and exciting things I’ve been up to over the summer and recently.mondaymontageFirst of all and one of the most exiting, I had a couple of trips away. I went to Monaco back in May to watch the Grand Prix, which was so so amazing. I loved it so much that I have actually now booked tickets to go to the Barcelona Grand Prix next year which I am really looking forward to. While I was away for the Grand Prix I had chance to do a bit of exploring, so I had an amazing trip to a waterfall for a very chilly swim and I also got chance to go back to Portofino, which those of you who will of seen my blog post from last year will know how much I love it there!

I then spoilt myself just a bit and had another trip booked for July for my Birthday where I went for a super relaxing holiday to Ibiza. If anyone is considering going to Ibiza I would highly recommend it. Even though it’s only a small island and has a reputation for party central, it is so easy to avoid all of that and just enjoy the gorgeous beaches and the amazing sunsets, if that’s what you’d prefer!!

I am loving the wedding invites I have got this year from some of my lovely couples. Obviously I will be turning up to these weddings as they’ve booked me to take the photos but to get an invitation through in the post just feels so special  and I love seeing different designs of invites.

For me it wouldn’t be summer if there wasn’t a trip to a classic car show. I only had time to go to one this year but it was a goodun! There were some great vintage american cars which I love but my all time favourite is the Mustang.

Last year I had weddings while the Bristol Balloon Fiesta was going on so I couldn’t make it. When I realised I was able to make it this year I was super happy. It was the nicest day, sun out, blue skies, it was perfect. I went with my family and we took camping chairs and a picnic and just had a chilled day in the sun watching all the hot air balloons take off and fly away in the distance.

Finally the most recent, which you may have already seen if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I got a puppy!!! His name is Buddy and he is so loving and so much fun. He is currently sleeping right next to me and I love having a little companion while I work. Him and Beatrix the Bunny are starting to get used to each other, they are both very happy .

Leave me some comments below if you want to share anything fun you’ve been up to that you’d recommend. I love day trips and travelling so love to hear suggestions of places to go and things to see.


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