October Favourites

Ok! So today I am doing a slightly different blog post. I love following blogs, especial travel and beauty blogs. The types of posts I always look forward to, from beauty bloggers, are monthly favourite blogs, basically reading about what other people love and figuring out if it’s worth buying. I’ve had the idea for a little while to do my own little spin on monthly favourites, so today I am sharing what I have been loving this month in the world of weddings! I hope you enjoy this kind of post.


Floral ChandelierOctober_favourites_01This is just gorgeous! Julie from Orchard Flowers put this masterpiece together at the lovely Amy & Terry’s wedding earlier this year. This was at Millbridge Court which is a stunning venue with really nice high ceilings. To make the most of the venue and to draw the eye to every nook and cranny of the venue this floral display really makes guests look around everywhere and appreciate the effort gone into planning such a great day. As well as the fact that it just looks so pretty! This was the first time I had seen anything like this but I feel like it has opened the door for lots more creative floral design ideas for couples to think about.


Shorter Wedding DressesOctober_favourites_02Short wedding dresses hold a special place in my heart. Don’t get me wrong I looove all the gorgeous long dresses that are out there but there is just something about shorter dresses that I love. First and foremost I love the fact that Brides don’t have to worry about their dress getting ruined at the bottom where it is on the floor all day. I think what I also love about them is that to me they feel like they have a real summery vibe. Sarah looked absolutely stunning in her shorter dress when she married Dan last month. And lets face it, if you’ve bought special wedding shoes, it’s nice to be able to show them off!


Help Yourself Cake TableThis is a genius idea and one I know wedding guests will love. Rather than having one larger wedding cake, split the budget between a few smaller pre cut cakes for guests to go up and help themselves to. It’s a really nice conversation starter, gives you and your guests something to do while the band or DJ is setting up for the first dance. Also it’s such a nice way for your guests to feel relaxed and looked after, not only do they get to have some delicious cake, they can go up and help themselves when they like and pick the cake they like the best! It’s a win win.


Flower Seeds As Wedding FavoursOctober_favourites_04(photo source Pinterest. photographers, left: unknown, middle: Rebecca K photography, right: unknown)

I saw this for the first time at a wedding this year and after going on Pinterest it seems like quite a popular idea. The idea is that all your guests get a bag of seeds to take away and grow some flowers as a way of remembering your day Although it seems like quite a popular idea, it is so easy to make it unique to your wedding. Maybe you could make the seeds the same as your wedding flowers. There are then so many different options for how to present them, either in a little cotton pouch, tiny glass jars, a nice envelope, what ever fits in with your wedding decor.


Painted Wedding CakesOctober_favourites_05(photo source Pinterest. photographers, left: unknown, middle: unknown, right: Hazel Wood Photo)

I am loving these so so much. I’ve not yet been to a wedding where I’ve seen a cake which has had a design painted onto it. I am hoping that maybe in 2016 this might become a bit more popular. I just think it looks so artistic and unique and it’s such a good way to make your cake stand out and be truly one of a kind. After looking on Pinterest, I have seen lots of floral designs but Ive also seen messages written onto the cake and just gorgeous coloured designs.




PinterestOctober_favourites_06I know, send help! I said it on Facebook the other day, my Pinterest addiction has come back. I tend to go in waves with looking at Pinterest and pinning things but this moth I have been loving it. I feel like it’s a really good time to be on it right now, both for me and my 2016 couples. I get to see some trends that I could be seeing more of next year and couples get to see lots of fun and creative wedding ideas or honeymoon locations. The one thing I would say with Pinterest is, avoid things that are so perfect it’s unrealistic. It’s so easy to go on there and also instagram and see some amazing things like a wedding dress hanging off a balcony in lake Garda blowing in the wind. That’s obviously gorgeous but something like that is unlikely to happen in England. There are some amazing things on Pinterest that are totally achievable but just bare in mind it is very easy to get carried away with the unrealistic things. It’s a nice idea to go over and follow the suppliers you have chosen to work with for your wedding. After all, you’ve booked them because you like their style / personality so chances are, you are going to like what they are pinning.


Obviously, I love weddings so I could go on and on about my favourite things but that’s the top things I’ve been into this month. If you like, you can leave me some comments below with what you’re loving in the wedding world or maybe just leave your Pinterest username so I can give you a follow.


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