Jen & Sean ~ Autumn Wedding

This is a very happy post for me to be writing. On Saturday my two friends Jen and Sean got married. Neither of them could keep the smiles off their faces all day and it was so nice to be able to document. I am having so much fun editing this gorgeous pair so far, but for now here are a few shots from their amazing day. Wedding Photographer Guildford-001Wedding Photographer Guildford-002Wedding Photographer Guildford-003Wedding Photographer Guildford-004Wedding Photographer Guildford-005Wedding Photographer Guildford-006Wedding Photographer Guildford-007Wedding Photographer Guildford-008Wedding Photographer Guildford-009Wedding Photographer Guildford-010Wedding Photographer Guildford-011Wedding Photographer Guildford-012Wedding Photographer Guildford-013Wedding Photographer Guildford-014Wedding Photographer Guildford-015Wedding Photographer Guildford-016Wedding Photographer Guildford-017Wedding Photographer Guildford-018Wedding Photographer Guildford-019Wedding Photographer Guildford-020Wedding Photographer Guildford-021Wedding Photographer Guildford-022Wedding Photographer Guildford-023Wedding Photographer Guildford-024Wedding Photographer Guildford-025Wedding Photographer Guildford-026Wedding Photographer Guildford-027


  1. Aretia Debenham

    Great photos, Charlotte. You have a great talent for catching the real personalities! Wonderful, thanks so much. Xxx

    • crazz

      Uuhh, thank you so much Aretia, I think that’s just made my day 🙂


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