Introducing Buddy Bear

If you follow me over on Facebook or Instagram, you will have seen me introducing this little guy, but I wanted to do an official introduction over here on my blog. This is Buddy he is a Bich-Poo (a Bichon Frise mixed with a Poodle) and he is 4 months old today. He has been with me for just over 8 weeks now and although he is still a little naughty at times he is so much fun. He does the funniest things and cracks me up on a daily basis! I have managed to find a bit of time to take a few photos of him and I’m so glad I have. He has grown so much already, although he is mostly fluff. I am loving taking photos of him and it has bought back old memories of when I did a lot more pet photography before I started photographing weddings and families. This is definitely something I want to start doing more of again.

Here are some of my favourite shots I have got of him so far. Pet_Photographer_Guildford_001Pet_Photographer_Guildford_002Pet_Photographer_Guildford_003Pet_Photographer_Guildford_004He was so tiny in those first few weeks of having him! Pet_Photographer_Guildford_005Pet_Photographer_Guildford_006Buddy’s first time in the bath. He wasn’t too sure about it!Pet_Photographer_Guildford_007Pet_Photographer_Guildford_008Pet_Photographer_Guildford_009Enjoying an Autumn walk, at Winkworth Aboritum Pet_Photographer_Guildford_010Pet_Photographer_Guildford_011Pet_Photographer_Guildford_012Buddy and Beatrix the bunny are now used to each other. The early days were very stressful trying to make them be friends. Luckily Beatrix will put Buddy in his place if he steps out of line! Pet_Photographer_Guildford_013


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