Wedding Photography Inspiration

To finish off my week of wedding inspiration posts, I wanted to finish with wedding photography inspiration. On a wedding day I love to take the Bride and Groom off for some down time at some point during the day. It is a lovely time for them to enjoy a bit of a breather together and take everything in. At this time I like to get some gorgeous portrait photos of the couple and maybe spend some time with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. I always like to cater this portrait session to what my couples want, if they want to just spend two minutes on photos or if they want to spend thirty minutes. I like to take very relaxed and natural wedding portraits and couples always feel comfortable when I just ask them to have a little cuddle. These are often my favourite photos too. Anyway, enough yacking, prepare yourself for a whole lota love below! Wedding Photography Inspiration_001Wedding Photography Inspiration_002Wedding Photography Inspiration_003Wedding Photography Inspiration_004Wedding Photography Inspiration_005Wedding Photography Inspiration_006Wedding Photography Inspiration_007I also love those in between moments Wedding Photography Inspiration_008Wedding Photography Inspiration_009Wedding Photography Inspiration_010Wedding Photography Inspiration_011Wedding Photography Inspiration_012Wedding Photography Inspiration_013Wedding Photography Inspiration_014Wedding Photography Inspiration_015Wedding Photography Inspiration_016Wedding Photography Inspiration_017Wedding Photography Inspiration_018Wedding Photography Inspiration_019Wedding Photography Inspiration_020Wedding Photography Inspiration_021


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