Monday Montage

I am really enjoying my Monday Montage blog posts again. I think I am going to really enjoy looking back at these in years to come. I also like the fact that past and present couples get to keep up with the random goings on in my little world. Now, one thing I will say, is that most of these images have been taken on my phone. I am always taking photos but a lot of the time it’s just easier to grab my phone for the shot rather than lug my big cameras everywhere with me. I do want to start getting better at taking more photos on my proper cameras, maybe that can be a new years resolution for me. Anyway, you may notice that this Monday montage is a little Buddy heavy which just goes to show you what my camera roll on my phone looks like :-/

Monday Montage 1512

I feel like lots of fun things have happened since last months Monday montage. Buddy has literally LOVED playing in the autumn leaves, which fills me with so much joy watching him running around and playing in them. I also took him to the beach for the first time which was one the the most fun afternoons, he had so much fun, I can’t wait to take him back.

I visited Blenheim Palace for their Christmas fair where I saw some absolutely stunning photos from Craig Churchill. Seeing his images in big prints was really special. One of my favourites was the stag at sunrise which is now up in my office.

I am also in the process of re doing my office space, which seems to be taking a life time, just finding the time to fit it in but I’m hoping in the new year it will be complete and looking lovely.

One very exciting thing happened recently, and that was that I got to photograph my friends wedding. I felt so honoured that they asked me to be their wedding photographer and their day was so much fun!

I am now working on my final wedding of the year and I am starting to get very excited for Christmas. Last week I took Buddy to go and pick out a Christmas tree. Most of the decorations are up now and it is looking so festive! I have also gone out and bought a few new sets of cosy pj’s, ready for snuggling up in the evenings with some box sets and hot chocolate. I think that’s one of my favourite things about this time of the year. Having said that, it has been really warm recently and we’ve had some lovely blue sky days. It has made for some really lovely forest walks which I also really like in the winter.

I am looking forward to the winter season, I am planning an exciting announcement which my past couples as well as all my future couples should love. I am also focusing on things for next season as well as working on some gorgeous wedding albums which I love sending out to couples, knowing they will bring a life time of memories.

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