2015 Wedding Recap


After yesterdays couple shoot recap from this year, I wanted to put one huge blog post together to remember all the amazing moments that happened at all your stunning weddings this year. This post is for all my amazing couples who booked me to photograph their weddings. Thank you so so much for allowing me to share such special moments and capture these memories forever. I have absolutely LOVED putting this post together so I hope you all enjoy it just as much. Just a little heads up though, it may be worth grabbing a hot drink and curling up on the sofa before you go on. It’s a long one 😉 2015 Wedding Recap_0012015 Wedding Recap_0022015 Wedding Recap_0052015 Wedding Recap_0082015 Wedding Recap_0092015 Wedding Recap_0122015 Wedding Recap_0152015 Wedding Recap_0162015 Wedding Recap_0182015 Wedding Recap_0212015 Wedding Recap_0222015 Wedding Recap_0232015 Wedding Recap_0262015 Wedding Recap_0292015 Wedding Recap_0332015 Wedding Recap_0382015 Wedding Recap_0412015 Wedding Recap_0422015 Wedding Recap_0432015 Wedding Recap_0442015 Wedding Recap_0472015 Wedding Recap_0502015 Wedding Recap_0532015 Wedding Recap_0562015 Wedding Recap_059.52015 Wedding Recap_0602015 Wedding Recap_0612015 Wedding Recap_0622015 Wedding Recap_0652015 Wedding Recap_0682015 Wedding Recap_0692015 Wedding Recap_0702015 Wedding Recap_0712015 Wedding Recap_0722015 Wedding Recap_075.22015 Wedding Recap_0762015 Wedding Recap_0792015 Wedding Recap_0832015 Wedding Recap_0842015 Wedding Recap_0892015 Wedding Recap_0902015 Wedding Recap_0932015 Wedding Recap_0972015 Wedding Recap_1012015 Wedding Recap_102


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