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We’ve made it to the end of the year!! I hope you enjoyed my couple shoot recap and my wedding recap posts from the last couple of days. I am currently enjoying some time off, seeing family and friends and eating way too much. I thought today would be a nice time to look back at what I’ve been up to this year.

It feels like a complete life time ago but back in February it did snow. I made the most of the one day we had of it and got some cute photos of Beatrix the bunny who turned four this month. She’s the cutest! Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_001Then in April my sister treated us to a trip to Paris for the weekend!! This was amazing but unbelievably cold. It was such a busy weekend trying to see as much as possible but my highlight was going to Angelinas for lunch and a hot chocolate. That place was amazing, if you are planning a trip to Paris, you have to go! Paris-Travel-Photos-014Paris-Travel-Photos-013Paris-Travel-Photos-012This is how me and my sister look when we are having the best time but we are just sooo cold! haha! Paris-Travel-Photos-008Paris-Travel-Photos-004It definitely wouldn’t be right to go through the whole year and not go to the beach, so luckily I went a couple of times. This first time was actually semi work related as I needed new head shots for my website and social media. I met up with the very lovely and talented Angela Ward Brown in the evening who took lots of photos of me which I am now using everywhere! I started off the day at The Landing cafe which again if you are visiting West Wittering beach, you have to go!! It’s so good! Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_002Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_003Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_004Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_005Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_006Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_007Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_008Thank you Angela for my photos.

Then in May I spent a week in Italy which if any of you read my Italy post from last year, you’ll know how much I love it there. I went to Portofino for the second time, visited a crystal clear icy waterfall which I did jump in but just the once. It totally took my breath away. The most exciting part of the trip was going to the Monaco Grand Prix which was a total dream come true. I love Monaco but to be able to be there for one of the best F1 races on the calendar, I couldn’t quite believe it was real. Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_009Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_010Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_011Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_012Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_013Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_014Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_015Italy was quite an action packed trip so in July to celebrate my 25th Birthday I went to Ibiza, and this really was a relaxing beach holiday. For an island that is known for it’s partying, I had the most relaxing time laying on the beach and by the pool. The sunsets there were stunning and I do love a good sunset so I was in my element!  Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_016Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_017Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_018Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_019Then towards the end of a busy wedding season, at the end of September I got Buddy! He makes me so happy every day. He is such a little character and if you ask him to give you a high five, he’ll give you one.

Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_020Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_021At the end of October I took Buddy on his first full day trip. I was invited by some of my family to go to the Spa Valley Beer Festival which wouldn’t be something I would pick out but it was such a fun day out. It is basically a beer festival but you get on these old fashioned trains and go up and down the stations and at each stop you can get different beer. Buddy had a really good time for the first couple of hours but then got super sleepy. Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_022Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_023Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_024Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_025Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_026Finally, and obviously I wanted to end on a high of my other beach trip of the year (we all know how I love the beach), Buddy’s first trip to the beach. I can not wait to take him back!! It is the most fun I’ve seen him have.

This year has been so amazing both in work and in my down time, thank you so much to everyone who has helped make it so special. Happy New Year and have an amazing 2016!!Charlotte Razzell Photography 2015_027


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