Folio Matted Albums

I am so so excited to be able to finally reveal some gorgeous new products, which I will now be offering to any of my clients, passed, present or future. I have been working on these for a few months now and it feels so good to be able to share this with you. As many of you know I have been offering the amazing Folio fine art albums, which I love. Last year Folio launched their new Matted album and I absolutely loved the look of them. Folio have the best attention to detail of any company I know and all of the products they offer are simply stunning. So I have decided to expand my product range. I will now be offering both the fine art albums as well as the new matted albums. Both will be available in 10×10 inch and 12×12 inch. All 6×6 parent albums will be offered in the fine art range. There is still a beautiful selection of materials and colours for the album covers. Each album is hand made in the UK with the best quality eco-friendly materials.

Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-001Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-002Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-003Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-004Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-005Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-006Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-007Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-008Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-009Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-010Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-011Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-012Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-013Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-014Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-015Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-016Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-017Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-018Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-019Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-020Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-021Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-022Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-023Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-024The fine art albums still come with a display box and cotton pouch. Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-025Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-026Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-027Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-028The almost invisible crease on the fine art album.Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-029Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-030Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-031Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-032

So what’s the difference between the fine are and the matted album.

Here is what Folio say about it themselves:

” Our original Fine Art Book

With each page measuring approximately 0.5mm thick, the book has a wonderful flexible feel when turning from page to page. Made using the finest quality papers and ink, each double page opens flat with an almost invisible crease allowing unrestricted layout designs to showcase your images.

New Matted Album

Our new Matted Album is our take on a classic. With each page measuring a substantial 2.5mm thick, your prints are mounted underneath beveled matts to individually frame each image. The album lays flat but unlike our original Fine Art Book, your images in the Matted Album can not go across the crease. The album is trimmed flush for a clean and sophisticated feel.

Our Matted Album embodies a classic elegance and impeccable attention to detail. The thick pages encourage the viewer to take their time to appreciate each image individually. ”


Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-033Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-034Charlotte Razzell Photography Products-035Last year all of my couples received a selection of fine art prints in their usb package. I am happy to say that I will now be adding these as an option to buy from the store in the online gallery, along with the gloss and lustre prints.


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