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Ok! So we’re half way through October already! How we’ve got this far in the year already, I’m not sure, but here we are and it’s got me thinking to next year and all my lovely 2018 couples. Lots of you guys getting married next year are having a pre wedding couple shoot which I am so so happy about. It makes such a difference getting used to being in front of the camera before the wedding day to help you feel more comfortable. It’s also the perfect opportunity for us to have a good ol goss and get to know each other better. I thought I’d share this blog post nice and early to give you guys some location inspiration for your couple shoot. This way you’ve got loads of time to have a think about it and even gives you the chance to get out and explore these spots for yourself.


First up, Frensham Ponds (GU10 2QB)

One of my favourite things about shooting at Frensham Ponds is that the light is great. Having the sand creates a natural reflector so the sun bounces off the ground and back up which creates really nice even and gorgeous looking light. When picking a location for your couple shoot it’s always worth picking somewhere that has at least 3 different backdrops. That way we’ve got chance to have a wonder and chat and also it will mix the photos up a bit. Frensham Ponds has so many options for different backdrops but they are all within easy walking distance from each other so we won’t be trekking forever to get to the next spot. I always like to shoot in the evening as the light is usually at it’s best just before sunset. By that time this place is usually pretty empty so we don’t have to worry about people being about and you can just focus on each other while I get the photos.


Mayfield Lavender Farm (SM7 3JA)

This place is so so pretty and if we arrive early in the morning, just as they’re opening we have a good chance of missing most of the crowds. The lavender looks it’s best towards the end of July and into August so it’s a super fun summers day out. You could even stay on after the shoot for a little “day date” and enjoy the cafe and shop they have there. Only if you like lavender though because that’s kinda the these here! 


Down by the river in Guildford (GU1 3)

Again this is a really lovely summery spot. You’ve got a few different locations here with some lovely paths right by the river with boats going up and down. There is then some lovely reeds and a tiny little beach area which is super sweet. Again the little beach area and the lighter coloured paths create some really lovely light. 


Shere Village (GU5 9BS)

Shere is one of the most beautiful villages I think I’ve ever been to, it seems like it would be a total dream to live here. There are some quant little streets which are really quiet so perfect for photos. Everywhere you look is a super pretty backdrop with little villagey shops and really well maintained flowers and gardens. There is then a stream / river running through which we had a little splash around in on Sarah & Dans shoot.



West Wittering Beach (PO20 8AJ)

I know, I know, it’s me, come on, of course I had to put a beach location in here. West Wittering, I think, is one of the most picturesque beaches around. I usually plan shoots here as close to sunset as possible because that evening light is beaut!! Also it’s a bit quieter then which makes it totally peaceful and you can just relax with each other, enjoy each others company and your surroundings and I’ll get some pretty photos of the two of you. There are so many options here for backdrops that you’re totally spoilt for choice.



Cannizaro Park (SW19 4UE)

I shot Charlotte & Gary’s couple shoot here a few years ago and we just chatted and wondered and chatted some more, and every few minutes I’d see somewhere new to photograph. This is why it’s made it onto my recommended list. It’s just such a relaxing place to be, with so many pretty colours and backdrops. 




Brookwood Country Park, Knaphill (GU21 2QY)

A few years ago Jen & Sean suggested this place for their couple shoot and I feel like it’s a total hidden gem. I’d never been here before but as soon as I arrived to have a little scout around, before I met with Jen & Sean, I could see loads of potential. First of all there was some lovely long grass which I am a total sucker for when it comes to photography. There is then some little cozy places to sit including a little riverside spot. It was totally peaceful here with the occasional dog walker passing and a few fisherman by the pond so it’s a really nice relaxing spot for photos. 


I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration for your couple shoot and if you do go out exploring any of these places, let me know what you think or tag me on Facebook or Instagram. I’d love to know what you guys are thinking and I can’t wait to take your photos 😀


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