Dear Brides & Grooms, ever thought about getting ready together on the wedding day?

Ok, first of all I know this isn’t going to be for everyone but I thought I’d write a blog post just to give you the thought of “what if?” ¬† There are quite a few positives to Brides and Grooms getting ready together on the wedding day and I thought I’d share a few of them today.

I know it’s meant to be bad luck to see each other before the ceremony but so is opening up an umbrella inside, which I’ve done plenty of times and have still made it through 27 years of life. Obviously if you’re a massively superstitious person then this probably isn’t something you would want to consider and that’s totally ok. It’s ok to have the wedding day YOU want and not the wedding day you feel you should have! Spoiler alert, I’m pretty sure no marriage has ever broken down because the couple didn’t follow wedding day traditions!

bride and groom getting ready together on their wedding morning
Positives to Brides and grooms getting ready together on their wedding day:

  • It can help take those wedding morning nerves away. The only 2 people getting married on that day in front of those chosen people will be the two of you. Whether you’re feeling nervous or crazy excited (probably both) it’s nice to have your partner in crime by your side feeling the same way to help you feel a bit more normal about the situation.
  • You can save money by either both getting ready at home, or if you’re further away you only need to worry about getting one hotel room, airbnb, apartment, whatever you’re planning. Obviously if you’ve got lots of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen that you also want around while you get ready you may still need 2 rooms so you’re not too cramped. If there’s only going to be a handful of you there in the morning this is another fab way to save money on your wedding.
  • You will get to have photos of Bridal prep and Groom prep as you’ll be there together. Usually if couples want photos of both Brides & Grooms getting ready a second photographer would be needed.
  • You’ll get more time with each other on your wedding day rather than just the afternoon. Wedding day’s can go by quite quickly and it might feel like you’ve had no time to see each other, apart from some alone time during your couple photos. By being together in the morning you will feel like you’ve spent some quality time together so during your wedding reception you can enjoy chatting to different guests and not feel like you’re missing out on each others company.
  • Depending on the timings of your day, it could be possible to arrange to have formal photos or couple photos taken before the ceremony. That way you’d have more time after getting married to relax and spend time with your wedding guests.

bride and groom getting ready together on their wedding day
These are just a handful of positives I could think of for Brides and Grooms getting ready together on their wedding day. Some people will love this, some will hate it and some will be totally indifferent and it’s totally ok. I have put this post together just to help give you some alternative ideas for your wedding day. Remember this is your day, you can do it anyway you want regardless of what wedding traditions say!bride and groom together at the beach on their wedding day

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