Easy & Affordable wedding diy

Easy and affordable wedding DIY

I love seeing my couples posting pictures online of crafts and DIY’s they are doing for their weddings and I’m so excited to see it all come together on the big day. Wedding DIY’s are a great way to save a bit of money on your wedding but also it is such a good way to add that personal touch to your day. Seeing all your wedding DIY’s has made me crave some craft time and I have a few things in my head that I want to create which I think would work really well at weddings. Today I wanted to share with you these rustic painted Maison jars which could work nicely as wedding centrepieces or on the gift table or just dotted around your venue.


Here is what I used to create this easy and affordable wedding DIY:

Maison jars, chalk paint, a soft paintbrush, sandpaper, and anything pretty to go inside the jars.

maison jar DIY'S with pains and paintbrush

The maison jars I chose were these Ball Maison jars which I ordered off ebay but you can use any type of jar you like the look of. The first thing I did was to make sure the jars were clean, ready for painting. Ball Maison jar DIY project Maison jar DIY project with paint I ordered a couple of different makes of chalk paint, Annie Sloan and Rust-Oleum which were both great. I didn’t notice any difference in the makes so it’s totally down to colour choice. I went for China Rose in the Rust-Oleum paint and Provence & Louis Blue in the Annie Sloan. The 125ml pots were more than enough. I think even if I only had one pot I could of painted four times the amount I did and still have paint left over. Once my jars were clean I shook the paint up before opening it and then I gave it another stir once I’d opened them. I’m no paint expert, but this just made me feel like I knew what I was doing, which always helps!!
chalk pain DIY project pastel colour chalk pain DIY project After I’d applied the first coat of paint I left the jars to dry for about 4 – 5  hours before painting the second coat. If I was going for a more clean look I probably would of added a third coat but as I knew I was going to be using the sandpaper to rough the jars up a bit two coats was enough for me. painted Ball Maison jars DIY project Pastel coloured maison jars painted After I’d let the two coats of paint dry fully, I cut off a small amount of sandpaper to use to give the jars a more rustic look. I started with the top then rubbed off all the raised areas on the jar. I then got a bit carried away and rubbed away a few more areas to make the jars look even more rustic. Maison jar DIY wedding project Painted Ball Maison jar DIY project Painted Ball Maison jars DIY wedding project There we go! That’s the rustic painted Maison jars. I could of added a sealant to the jars after using the sandpaper but as I wanted to keep this as easy and affordable as possible I missed that step. In the future if I think they need it I will update this post but for now I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. I went out and just grabbed some gyp to put in them which I think works nicely. I also think adding some soil and potting some lavender inside the jars would look really pretty.Wedding DIY project with maison jar Ball Maison jar wedding DIY project Wedding DIY project


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