Wedding DIY ideas

Wedding DIY ideas It was a tricky one for me to name this blog post. Wedding DIY ideas. How to create a succulent terrariums. How to incorporate crystals and succulents into your wedding. Honestly though it’s just another blog post that gives me an excuse to create some DIY’s and call it work!!

Having said that I do love DIY wedding details and I also love when succulents are incorporated into wedding florals and really think these could work well at weddings. I love succulent terrariums and they are actually pretty easy to put together yourself. I think these would look lovely if you’re having long tables at your wedding as your centrepieces or as extra decoration on your gift table or dotted around your venue. Ok, so for this wedding DIY I had a pyramid terrarium, three different succulents that I knew would fit inside the terrarium when it was closed. I then got some gravel, activated charcoal, succulent and cactus soil and some decorative stones. I first added the gravel and charcoal to the bottom of the terrarium to give better drainage for the succulents. After that I closed the terrarium to placed the succulents in the best place. Once I was happy with how everything was arranged, I then finished off by adding more soil around the succulents. I then decided to add some decorative stones on top of the soil to make the whole thing look a bit prettier. Succulents in terrarium DIY project

Ingredients for succulent terrarium DIY project I really like the pyramid shaped terrariums but there are lots of different options which also look great. This post (here) is great for everything you need to know about terrarium and shows some other options. It’s totally personal preference when it comes to wedding decor but you could have everything matching or you could have an assortment of different shaped / styled terrariums for a varied look. Succulent terrarium DIY project I also ended up putting these succulent and terrarium bits together as well, which turned out nothing like what I’d seen on Pinterest! Story of my life! I love the idea of the little succulents to give as wedding favours. I also really like the idea of using terrariums at weddings to be filled with whatever it is you are into as a couple. It could be something different for each table, for example, if you love the beach you could add sand and shells to a terrarium. You could even name each table after that specific thing. For me I’m really into healing crystals right now so I ended up adding those into this hexagon terrarium.

I have lots more inspiration for these kinds of things over on my Pinterest so go over and have a follow for some more inspiration. Crystal terrarium DIY projectCrystal and succulent terrarium DIY project

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