Razzell Christmas Party 2017


All these times that I’ve been invited into peoples lives on one of the most special and important days. I get introduced to their family and friends and I get a little back stage pass into their lives. It’s something I feel very privileged to do so today I wanted to give you a little look into my life with my family. Every year for as long as I can remember we have a family Christmas party. It’s pretty much the only time in the year that we are all together at the sae time in the same place. This is essentially just an updated version of my Christmas party blog post form 2 years ago. We still have a party popper fight after our Christmas dinner and we still play murder in the dark. Although by this point this year the camera had gone away! I want to set myself a goal for 2018 to take more photos for myself so I have lovely memories like this to look back on. 


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