The start of 2018 has been a bit of a funny one. The first week was great, I think I was still on a bit of a high from Christmas and excited about starting a new year. Come week two and the January blues started to creep in. It now feels like we are on week 17 of January! It’s been the longest month ever! I’m looking forward to the weather cheering up a bit and I can’t wait to get back out there taking photos but I’m also really looking forward to seeing how this year plays out as well.

I’m not really into new years resolutions but I do love a yearly goal. And this year I have set myself quite a few! I don’t set them all and tell myself I have to stick to them. Some of them are just to give myself something new to try, some are just to try and be a better version of myself, but none of them I’m very strict with. I just like the idea of constantly growing and evolving.

I thought it might be quite a fun and different blog post to share a few of my goals for the year with you. I also think this might be quite a nice post for me to look back on at the end of the year to see what stuck and what was a totally crazy idea to of had haha!

Anyway, enough rambling, my 2018 gaols:

– Read more.

I am not a huge fan of reading. Dyslexic issues, I take forever to read anything and I have no paicence with myself haha. Recently though I’ve had more of an urge to find books and learn more about things I’m interested in. It’s weird because I’ve always been so anti books and anti reading. This year I definitely want to embrace this feeling of wanting to read more and I’m excited to learn some new and interesting things. I also want to sign up to Audible at some point so I can listen to books while I’m doing thing like walking the dog.

– Learn to meditate.

I’m sure this is the same for a lot of people but my brain constantly feels like it runs at 100mph. I’d love to just take time out of each day to just slow down and have a bit of me time. I asked on facebook the other day if anyone had used the Headspace app and the feedback I got was so positive so I think I’m going to give that a go.


– Take some surf lessons and / or learn to paddle board.

It’s so funny, for so long my hobby was photography and I also really enjoyed making videos. Now photography is my job I feel like I don’t really have a skill that I can call my hobby anymore. I’m determined to find a new hobby, something that gets me away from the computer and out from behind a screen. I love the beach so much and have loved all sea water sports I’ve ever done. I specifically say sea water sports because I once went on a sailing course as a kid which was on a really merky lake. We were made to capsize the boat into the water and I was NOT ok with it!! Maybe that’s a story for another day though haha. Weirdly, being in the sea, I’m ok with!

– Leave the house more.

Ok, I’m pretty embarrassed to put this one on here but it’s true, I’ve become such a hermit!! For so long now I’ve been saving to buy a home and it’s become very easy to say no to going out and spending money in order to save save save. I am such a home bird anyway that I would just happily stay home forever haha. In fact it has now become a bit of a running joke that I’m a grandma and I don’t like to leave the house! It’s probably about time I nipped that in the bud and got out a bit more haha. I do love getting out and finding new places and seeing new things so this is one of my goals for the year, get out there!


– Take more personal photos.

I said this on my instagram the other day. I’m very good at picking up my phone and getting snaps for the dog doing cute or funny things but I’m just not in the habbit of picking up my camera and taking nice well thought out images of life as it happens around me. I need to get better at this. One of my favourite things is looking throhgh old photo albums, which my parents have soooo many of. I’d love to start putting photo books together or just have moment I can print out and put around the place to remind me of happy moments in life.