Hannah & Hayden ~ A Relaxed Basing House Wedding


On Saturday I joined Hannah & Hayden for their wedding at Basing House. This sweet pair met at St Mary’s Church in Basingstoke which is where they had the most touching wedding ceremony, joined by so many people there to support them. Hayden works in the farming world so it made perfect sense that they then travelled over to their wedding reception at Basing house in a very swanky Tractor! None of their guests knew this was their wedding car so it was such a fun surprise when everyone heard it coming round the corner! Hannah & Hayden took a bit of time to themselves after the ceremony which gave them the perfect chance to get some photos of the two of them while all their guests arrived at the barn. They then got back in the tractor and made a grand entrance as they pulled up with all their guests there to greet them. It was such a sweet moment and maybe my favourite part of the day, it was one of the warmest welcomes I’ve ever seen. The barn looked absolutely gorgeous and so in keeping with Hannah and Hayden roots with crates and wellies with flowers, they had made it look so perfect! Forest Hogs then put on the most amazing display of delicious food which everyone went up to help themselves to which created such a fun and chilled out vibe. The evening ended with some super fun barn dancing where the dance floor was completely full! Thank you so much Hannah & Hayden for such a beautiful and relaxed day, it was a pleasure to photograph!

When your new husband calls you out on your laundry skills! This was an adults jumper!! Haha!If you’re looking for a Basing House wedding photographer I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch¬†and share all your exciting plans!


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