Tips For Photographing Your Family While In Quarantine

Family Photo Shoot

Ok! I think we’re all in agreement that these are pretty weird times! But just think, a few years from now this will all be a distant memory and we’ll be telling stories about our times during lockdown. Today I wanted to post a super quick blog to give you guys a few quick and easy tips to taking better photos of your family during this time. So down the line when you’re chatting about the rainbows you painted to stick in your windows, or the home PE lessons, or the making dens in the living room, you’ve got some photos you can dig out to help you remember all the good things we’re choosing to enjoy right now!!

Always Have Your Camera Ready

Whether you have a proper camera or you’re just snapping away on your phone, always have it out, ready to grab at the drop of a hat. Have it on hand, charged up and with enough storage so that you know if there’s a nice moment to capture you’re there ready to go!


Pick Good Light

Natural light is always best so that’s the light that comes through your windows rather than artificial light from lamps etc. Keep an eye on what the light is doing at what time of day in certain rooms. You might find that you have really pretty natural light flooding through your windows in the kitchen for example during the morning. Take advantage of this and take photos during the time when the light is nice. If you’re lucky enough to have some outside space or you’re taking photos while out exercising, it’s best for the sun to be behind your subject on a sunny day. This way you’ll avoid having your shadow being a distraction in the photo but also the child won’t be squinting.


It Can Help To Have A Plan

Pick some activities you want to do and plan whether you’re going to photograph them or not. If you are going to be taking photos, have a rough idea of the kinds of photos you might want to take. Maybe you’re doing some baking and you want photos of you’re children stirring the ingredients together. Have these ideas in your head before you start, that way if you need to move anything or have your child positioned facing a specific direction you’re prepared and it will make taking the photos much more seamless and fun.


Over Shoot

Take more photos than you need. I find this even more important when photographing kids. They move so quick and are forever making different facial expressions. The more photos you take, the more choice you will have at the end. You can then go through and pick the once you love!!


Keep Things Natural

Your kids don’t always need to be looking at the camera grinning. Some of my favourite photos to look back on from when I was growing up are pictures of me doing things, those are the kinds of photos that spark a memory and make a much better connection when you look back on them later down the line. So while your kids are playing or painting rainbows or dare I say it doing a bit of home schooling, snap away and try and be subtle about it to capture the real moment in time.


Get To The Same Level

Last but not least, if your kids are playing on the floor or down low, crouch down to be at the same level as them. It makes the photos a lot easier on the eye when you come to look back at them!

CLICK HERE to see some of my favourite photos i’ve taken during family shoots for some more inspiration!



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