Fun And Cosy Christmas Wedding Ideas

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Looking for some Christmas Wedding ideas?

Have you just started, or are in the middle of planning a festive wedding. In this blog post I’ll share some fun and cosy Christmas wedding ideas from what I’ve seen over the years of photographing weddings. 


Winter Wedding Venues

When you’re first getting your Christmas wedding ideas together, you’ll want to find a venue that works well in the winter. If you want a cosy Christmas wedding it’s worth visiting a handful of venues during the winter months, even better if you can visit in December. You’ll want to get an idea of the space, and also how light or dark the venue is likely to be at that time of year. There is a fine line between venues feeling cosy and feeling cramped once all your guests are in there. Most venues will say how many guests they can seat for ceremonies or the sit down meal but it can be a good idea to ask how it feels inside during the drinks reception. Getting an idea of how many guests can fit inside and mingle, before it starts to feel cramped and a struggle to move about. 

It’s also worth asking if there is any additional space inside where formal group photos or couple photos could take place in case the weather isn’t on your side on the wedding day. 

couple cosy at christmas wedding

Open Fire or Fire Pit

If your venue has an open fire, log burner or fire pit this can really help give you a cosy feeling to your wedding. You could ask your florist or stylist to create a feature around the fireplace to create a cosy christmas feel. 

north brook park christmas wedding

Christmas Wedding Hot Chocolate Station 

You may have been to many weddings where there is a sweet station for you to help yourself to lots of treats during the reception. This can also be a great idea for Christmas weddings, maybe even adding in festive themed sweets or biscuits. Another fun and cosy idea for Christmas weddings could be to have a hot chocolate station. So a similar idea to the sweet table but guests can help themselves to hot chocolates with the option to add marshmallows, cream, candy canes, whatever you fancy! 

christmas wedding sweet table

Christmas Wedding Canapés

Depending on how Christmassy you want your wedding to feel, you could choose to have Christmas themed canapes. I’ve seen mince pies being served during the drinks reception.These work really well as they can either be placed by the bar for people to help themselves or be taken round and served. Nice and easy for guests to munch on!

christmas wedding canapés

Christmas Wedding Colour Scheme

If you didn’t want to go for the obvious Christmas red colour scheme for your festive wedding, there are lots of alternatives that can still work for this time of year. Switching up red for burgundy can be really nice, I’ve photographed weddings where the bridesmaids dresses have been a mix of burgundy and navy and this worked really well. Also navy mixed with gold can be really nice, or dusky blue and silver. Shades of green can also look really nice for this time of year. Christmas colour schemes, when got right, can look incredible. 

christmas bridesmaid dresses

Christmas Crackers

A fun Christmas wedding idea could be to add Christmas crackers to tables for everyone. Once everyone gets seated for their meal, it’s such a fun way to get everyone chatting and getting to know each other if they don’t already. It will be fun to look back on the photos and see your friends and family with Christmas hats on, laughing and telling jokes to each other. You could even go the extra mile and get crackers with wedding favours inside which I have seen work really well at weddings. 

christmas crackers at wedding

Wear long sleeves

This one in particular is for the brides. To stay cosy at your Christmas wedding you’ll want to consider covering your arms up to not get too chilly. There are lots of gorgeous wedding dress options that have long sleeves, or alternatively you could get a fluffy or leather jacket to pop on for the moments you’re outside. 

couple cosy at christmas wedding

bride in long sleeved wedding dress

I hope this has helped give you some fun and cosy Christmas wedding ideas. If you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding, I have more >> wedding photography information here << I’d love to hear your wedding plans if you wanted to > get in touch < and I can let you know my availability for your date.