Cherish Your Wedding Photos

Wedding Tips


You don’t need me to tell you how much time, effort, and energy you put into throwing the perfect wedding (and finding the right wedding photographer!). You worked for months to make sure your wedding was just right—which is why you shouldn’t let your gorgeous wedding photos simply sit on your computer. With so many ways to print wedding photos and enjoy them, it’s time you began to see what you can do to put those incredible photos of your big day back in the limelight.

In this guide, I’ll go over some ways you can save, remember, and share your wedding photos in the digital age (without sacrificing traditional methods, as well!). Keep reading to find out more!

What to Do with Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding pictures are too beautiful to go to waste. Cherish them and show them off with the creative tips below:

  1.     Make Thank You Cards

Sending out a regular off-the-shelf card to thank your guests for their gifts? Perhaps go for something more personal instead. It’s time you exercise your inner creativity by creating thank you cards that feature your must have wedding photos. Find your favorite photo (or photos, why limit it to just one?) and have it put on your own custom wedding cards. Without a doubt, these personalized cards will look better, be more intimate, and hit it off better with your guests.

Your wedding was a special day, and you can make everything about it special with personalized thank you cards that your guests will never throw away. I for one, still have all the thank you cards clients have sent me over the years.

Want to take things the extra mile? You can also include a link to your online gallery containing all the photos from your wedding. Put a smile on your guests’ faces by helping them relive your special day and all its memorable moments.

wedding thank you cards

  1.     Create a Gallery Wall

Have a large wall in your house that you’re not quite sure what to do with? Perhaps you could create a gallery wall. The basic idea behind this is to fill your wall with your favourite wedding photos, pictures of your favourite adventures, and other fun photos that make you happy whenever you see them. This wall can be a source of strength, joy, and comfort throughout your newlywed days, making it a great addition to your home. 

There are several ways you could go about creating your gallery wall. Use consistent sizes and frames for a more geometric look or mix up your frames and designs to add a creative flair to your wall. There’s a ton of creative freedom here that will enable you to personalize your décor your way.

One of my favorite wedding memorial tips, the gallery wall works better with high-quality prints! That’s why I offer couples a high-quality printing service where you can get beautiful wedding photos printed in a variety of sizes and finishes! Through this service, you can get pictures with the proper contrast, balance, and brightness so that your wedding photos look exactly as they should. These prints can be ordered through your online gallery, it couldn’t be easier!

wedding photo gallery wall

  1.     Frame Random Prints Around the Home

Okay, so you don’t have a whole wall to decorate in your current place. No biggie! You may also simply choose to frame your favorite wedding photos randomly throughout the home. Undoubtedly, you’ll have some empty space somewhere, so why not fill it with your favorite memories of your big day? Find the right frame and location to add your photos so that you and all of your guests can see them regularly.

The good thing about this is that you can change out your pictures when you feel like it. You’re not bound to keep anything anywhere too long (though wedding day pictures never go out of style). Instead, you can enjoy full flexibility on how you present your photos. To do this, you may want to look through your full set of photos each year. Who knows? Photos you may have missed before may become your favourites, giving you chance to re-live a different part of your special day.

framed wedding photo

  1.     Print Wallet Photos

Wallet photos can be great daily reminders of your wedding day. These cute photos will bring a smile to your face every time you use your wallet and are a nice addition to the photos you may already have in your home.

You may also choose to print photos for your fridge. Design a cute layout on your fridge that includes your favourite photos from your wedding day and other special days that bring fun memories. You could also simply include a couple of the wedding photos you like best that will surely make you smile whenever you go for a snack or something to drink.

  1.     Craft a Wedding Album

Here’s another of my favorite wedding memorial ideas: crafting a wedding album. Simply put, your wedding album will be an heirloom that you will cherish for years and decades to come. In this special album, you can tell the story of your wedding in a personal and beautiful way. 

A wedding album makes a great collection to look back on when you’re feeling nostalgic and is also great to show off to family and friends. Place it on the coffee table for a quick trip down memory lane!

Want to craft your own wedding album but not sure where to start? I offer luxury wedding albums, with a choice of both fabric and leather covers. You can also choose to have your name and the date of your wedding printed on the cover, as well. Because the photos are printed on beautiful matte art paper, they will absolutely pop off the page and look very crisp!

wedding photo album

The Bottom Line

By now, I’m sure your excited by all the possibilities for your wedding photos! If you’re looking for something creative and fun to do with pictures from your big day, you can print wedding photos and use them in the ways listed in this guide. Doing so will help you personalize your décor while also allowing you to keep memories of your wedding day close at hand.

If you’re keen to get your wedding photos printed or want to know more about telling your wedding story through a beautiful wedding album, contact me today to find out more about how I can help you!