a little bit


For me photography isn’t just about a photograph you can hold in your hand, or having something to share online, it’s the feeling you get when you look back at that picture, a snap shot in time, a moment passed that you vaguely or vividly, remember happening. It’s the evidence of a moment happening that you can cling onto and carry with you forever!
My very first memory is as a four year old, holding my baby brother for the first time. I remember my fifth birthday party at the farm and falling over and grazing my knee. I remember the time I hated sidestepping up a dry ski slope while learning to ski. To then flying down a mountain on Christmas day in a white out and feeling totally alive. I remember insignificant summer days, having BBQ’s with all my cousins, kicking footballs, riding bikes and jumping off rope swings. I remember the first time I stood up on a surfboard with the biggest grin on my face. I remember going into Woolworths with my Brother and buying £9.99 skateboards and trying to learn to skate at a campsite with no smooth surfaces. I remember going to my first Formula One race with my Mum on my 24th Birthday. I remember taking my puppy to the beach for the first time and being so happy he loved being by the sea just as much as I do. I remember saving my pocket money before summer so I could buy an inflatable boat for adventures at sea. Memories are some of my favourites things and however significant or insignificant these moments are throughout life, I’ll be forever grateful for the fact that I have photos from so many of them. The fact that I now create these tangible memories for other people and call it my job is totally bonkers and I am wholeheartedly humbled and grateful for anyone who I cross paths with in this way. Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my work. You are awesome!