Couple Photography

For fun loving souls, who want to capture their beautiful adventures

Are you ever out exploring some place new, or out on a fun adventure and you’ve had literally the best day, everything looks and feels beautiful but you’ve been so ‘in the moment’ that you’ve taken no photos to remember the day by. Or maybe the selfies and the phone snaps that you’ve taken just don’t do the moment justice. It’s so hard sometimes to live in the moment and enjoy your time, but then wish you had more photos to remember that perfect moment by.


The absolute joy of having beautiful couple photos around your home, that instantly put a smile on your face and transport you back to a perfect day is so special.


How amazing would it be to have gorgeous photos that completely personify you as a couple and (all the fun you have) also capture a perfect moment!


The thing I love about offering couple photography is that I can join couples on their favourite trips and do exactly that. I love photographing couples in a really natural style, giving them confidence to totally be themselves. Being able to capture photos of a moment in time that you’ll be able to look back on and say ‘yep that was us, we loved doing that together’.


Whether that’s a picnic at the beach, a sunset paddle board session, maybe you’ve got a favourite costal hike with your pup or a fun camping trip. Rather than setting up a ‘photo shoot’ which may not be your style, I can meet you guys while you’re already out doing something fun and capture the memories for you in a completely natural way.

couple cuddling at the beach

Aw Charlotte, they’re lovely, thank you so much!

We love them, you’ve captured the morning and all the giggles so well, thank you! It’s so hard to pick my favourite!! I’m so pleased we have some pictures of us that are so good.


Emma & Mike ~ 2017