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I’m guessing if you’re here you’re looking for a Dorset wedding photographer and you’ve got a good idea of the party you want to throw to celebrate your marriage to each other. Maybe you’re not so keen on posing for hundreds of photos for hours on end. You want to enjoy your wedding to the absolute full, but you also want to have a collection of photos that show the real story of the two of you and your amazing wedding day in Dorset.

 Hi, I’m Charlotte. I moved to Dorset in 2019 and I absolutely love it here. Dorset weddings are something so special. You’ve got the sea, you’ve got the countryside, whether you’re planning a beach wedding, a relaxed pub venue, or maybe a stately home or tipi in a field, Dorset’s got you covered. 

For me, working as a wedding photographer it’s more than just turning up on the wedding day to take photos. I get to know all my couples as well as possible before the big day. I like to know what they’re excited about, how they met, what they’re like as a couple. This way I’m able to truly capture photos on their wedding day that represent them as a couple. The heart and soul of them and their wedding day captured in photos to be re-lived for years to come. 

dorset humanist wedding ceremony

How I work as a Dorset wedding photographer

For the majority of weddings, I start the day by photographing the getting ready stages, and take photos through to the party starting in the evening, to capture the full story of the day. 

During the getting ready stages, which is usually around 2 hours before the ceremony, it’s a great time to capture all those fun memories of you with your carefully chosen wedding party and your family. All the nerves or laughter that’s going on in the lead up to the ceremony, all captured in beautifully natural photos.  

I like to be in the background snapping away at what’s going on but also love joining in with conversations or whatever’s going on. For me it’s very much about reading the room and mirroring the energy, I find I’m able to get the most fun and natural photos this way and I work like that throughout the rest of the day as well. 

During the ceremony I find a great spot, tucked out the way somewhere where I’m able to get all the best photos. If I’m able to stand at the front out the way, that’s great as I’m able to photograph all those sweet looks between the two of you, the vows and rings being exchanged, your family and guests and the emotion of them watching you get married, and the all important first kiss. 

bride and groom photo at dorset wedding

We love ALL of the photos! They have captured the day so perfectly! It has been wonderful showing all of them to our friends and family and they love them too.

Everyone who shared our special day said how amazing you were and you honestly were. We can’t thank you enough.


Ella & Tom ~ August 2019


After the ceremony, when you’re officially a married couple, is when some of the really fun, emotional and natural photos are captured. As everyone exits the ceremony and you’re in-undated with congratulations from all your favourite people, I’ll be there to capture it all in natural photos. You get to be showered with confetti and just have so much love thrown your way. These are some of my favourite photos to take on the wedding day.


bride hugging grandfather
dorset wedding photography confetti


best man hugging groom


During the reception I love to be in the background or blend in with guests to take wedding photos that truly represent the day exactly as it’s happening. There’s always time on the wedding day to take some more ‘staged’ family or couple photos. As with all the other photos though, I love to take these in a really fun and natural style. This is something I always discuss with couples in the lead up to the wedding day so we have a rough plan of the desired photos and when we might take them. This way on the wedding day things can stay nice and relaxed with no stress and my couples are able to enjoy their wedding to the absolute max, while I take all the best photos. 

After everyone has enjoyed a gorgeous feast of food and I’ve captured all the laughter and happy tears from the speeches, everyone is usually ready for an epic party to start. This is a fab time to cut the cake and have some photos of that moment, followed by your first dance. This is always different from couple to couple so I’m ready and prepared to get the best photos of these moments, no matter how they look. Once everyone fills the dance floor I’ll get involved for a fun dance, popping up with my camera and capturing all the fun from your epic party. 

I like to stay for about half an hour after the first dance. After that I leave everyone dancing the night away. I like to get a good hand full of photos (as a lil sneak peek) out to my couples within the first week after the wedding, to get them excited for the full collection of photos to come. 

sunset portraits at dorset wedding
Thank you so much for the photographs, we’re so so happy with them and we haven’t been able to stop looking at them all week! It’s really hard to pick our favourites as they’re all so good!
Thank you for everything, we couldn’t be happier – the photographs are amazing and it was such a pleasure to have you with us on the day, we couldn’t have asked for anything better!
You’ve captured some really amazing moments from the day that make both of us very happy and make us really smile when we look at them.
We’ve had a lot of compliments for you from our friends and family about how good the photos are and how lovely you were too – we couldn’t agree more!


Emma & Mike ~ November 2017

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I take a limited amount of bookings each year to ensure I’m able to give all my couples the best support and service throughout their wedding planning journey. If you’re interested in booking me as your Dorset wedding photographer you can get in touch below, my prices start from £1850 for 2022 weddings. 

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