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I’m guessing if you’re here you are thinking about investing in some family photos? Welcome! I’m Charlotte a documentary family photographer based in Dorset.

How many family photos do you think you’ve got where you’re all in the photos together? It’s so lovely having pictures of your kids, but it’s also so important to make sure you’re also in the photos, and not the one constantly stuck behind the camera.

When your kids grow up, they’ll absolutely love looking back on the family photos that they’re in with the people who raised them. The people who made their lives so fun, and gave them crazy stories to tell from all the fun adventures they had together.

There is nothing quite like walking through your home and seeing beautifully captured photos of your family from a super fun day that just makes you light up and brings a huge sense of happiness.

I would love to create some gorgeous documentary family photos and create that feeling for you. I love photographing families in a really natural and heartfelt way. Capturing photos of your family that you’re going to love for a lifetime.

Frensham ponds family photos


Documentary family photography is all about having photos captured of you together that tell the story of you as a family. Whether you just fancy a trip to the beach to jump in the waves and build sandcastles, or maybe you’re on a camping trip and you fancy capturing some memories of the fun you’re having on the campsite. By booking one of these shoots you’ll not only be creating fun memories as a family but you’ll have them documented in beautiful photos that you’ll be able to cherish forever and enjoy as your children get older. Along with taking these natural, storytelling photos, I also love to take a few slightly more posed family portraits. I love creating a really nice mix of photos for families, so you’ve got some lovely memories of a fun day that will look great in an album, but also some beautiful photos of the children and of you all together that will look great framed around your home. 

On the day we’ll spend an hour or so having a wonder around a pretty location, picking out a few different backdrops to stop at and take photos. I like to keep things super relaxed and fun, so we might play some games, enjoy some family cuddles, anything that keeps you and your little one/s having a good time with smiles on your faces.

So what are you thinking, picnic in the park, a stroll round a lavender field or how about a family paddle boarding adventure? I’d love to hear about you and your family and hear your ideas for capturing some fun memories together.



We just looked through them all together and every 5 seconds kept saying “That’s my favourite. Wait no, that’s my favourite!” These photos mean so much to us and I’m really glad it was you that took them. Xx

Emma & Drew ~ July 2018



A 1-2 hour shoot on a week day

5 of the best, high resolution photos (with the option to buy more), in your own online gallery to download to your computer and print as many times as you like




A 1-2 hour shoot

All of the best high resolution photos, in your own online gallery to download to your computer and print as many times as you like

An 8×8 inch, hard cover photo book with your favourite images



These at home family photo shoots are a great way for you to get some relaxed and natural photos of you together, in the comfort of your own home. I’ll come to you, spend an hour or two getting some beautiful photos of you doing life as a family. Whether you want to document those early months with a newborn, navigating parenthood, or maybe you want photos of you all snuggled in bed reading books. Maybe you’re a bit more adventurous and fancy getting some photos of you baking together and capturing all the chaos that comes along with that. Just as I would with my documentary family photo shoots, on these At Home Sessions I’ll focus on capturing some natural photos of you doing your thing (with some help and guidance from me), as well as some more posed photos of you all. You’ll have a nice mix of photos which you’ll love looking back on as your little one/s grow. These are the kinds of memories that can be so easily forgotten but are often the ones you want to cling onto forever.


If you have any more questions, or want to book a family shoot with me, simply complete the form below to send me a message.

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